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Recruiter wanted in Finland

palkkio: Recruitment Bonus
työsuhteen tyyppi: osa-aikainen

We are Quotas, a market research company from Hamburg (Germany), and carry out postal measurements where we send test letters worldwide in order to improve the postal quality.
For one of our projects, we now need some help in recruitment to find new panellists!
We are looking for participants in Finland. Especially, we need business participants who are using a franking machine within their company or have their mail collected and franked by Finland Post.

- The task would comprise the posting of about 5 letters per week to our European receiver panel. So it would be one test item every day.
- We would supply the needed test letters on a weekly basis ready to be sent (DL, C6, C5 and C4 letters, no packets).
- The letters would have to be franked via a franking/metering machine or via a mail collection and franking by Finland Post.
- The posting would have to be done via a pick up service of your postal operator.
- After the posting of a test letter the data has to be confirmed on our website.
- The monthly bonus would amount to 30 EUR (via Paypal or Amazon) and all postage costs will be reimbursed.
As mentioned above, we are now searching for a Recruiter who is able to help us find new participants by using his/her network, ask Friends and Family or who even has a better idea of how to help us. :-)
Of course you will not “work” for free! If we are able to successfully include a new business participant due to your help, you will receive a “recruitment bonus” of 100 EUR. 

Does this sound promising to you? If so, please feel free to contact us in order to receive further information.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Many thanks in advance and have a wonderful day.
Joana from Quotas
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